13 of 31 Horrors: The Frighteners (1996) - Frank Bannister is a psychic investigator who uses his very real talent for seeing the dead to con people by sending his ghostly assistants to poltergeist their homes. But when he gets caught up in the middle of a decidedly paranormal rash of murders, he’ll have to rely on the help of a comely widow to stop the ghostly murderer and clear his name.

Everything about this movie is perfection. You’ve got the ever loveable Michael J. Fox as hero Frank, the great character actor Jeffrey Combs as the weirdo FBI agent Dammers, direction from Peter Jackson (yes, that Peter Jackson), the picturesque background of Wellington, NZ (including the house used in PJ’s first film, Braindead), and scads of ghostly fun with the likes of Chi McBride, Jake Busey, and John Astin. Oh, and one of horror’s favourite Final Girls: Dee Wallace. It’s just a rollicking, emotional, and fun horror comedy that should be required viewing this time of the year.