if you’ve got crazy awesome weird places that AREN’T in the us that would be sweeto bandito to include in an epic supernatural travel novel, LAY ‘EM ON ME. i already have a huge list going, but i could always use more fiction fodder.

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  1. genjadeshade said: IS THERE GONNA BE A SEQUEL TO WEIRD, U.S.A.????
  2. natalyaromanoff said: There’s a hotel in Pelabuhan Ratu, Indonesia where it is rumored that a sea goddess visits every night and if one wears green they would get pulled into the ocean for green is the goddess’ favorite color.
  3. brittanias said: there’s a super creepy town here called frank, and like half the town was buried under a rock slide that is still there, including all the bodies?… there’s a whole coal mine underneath it and everything.
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